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Do you need your Texas driving record? If so, you have a couple of different options: 1. you can head down to the DPS office, stand in line, fill out a request application, and then receive a copy of your DPS driving record in the mail several weeks later; or 2. you could simply order it from us, online. We think that the choice is clear!

At the National Safety Commission, we are dedicated to customer service, and we do everything that we can to make your experience that much easier and more pleasant. Whether we are developing online traffic school courses that are user-friendly and convenient or offering official Texas driving records online, we have your needs in mind!

What Is Your Texas Driving Record and Why Do You Need It?

Have you read that you may need a copy of your Texas driving record? Have you been ordered to present a copy of your driving record by the Texas DPS? Perhaps you are applying for a job that requires a copy of your Texas driving record? If so, we can help. We allow you to order your official DPS driving record online, and provide prompt shipping so you'll receive it quickly. If standard shipping isn't fast enough for you, we even offer expedited shipping for your benefit.

But what is your driving record?

Put simply, your Texas driving record is a recording by the state of all of your vehicle infractions over the last 15 years. Serious violations will appear on your driving record even after the 15-year time limit has expired. Other infractions, such as speeding tickets and non-serious moving violations, can be removed from your driving record through the completion of traffic school.

And why do I need it?

There is any number of reasons why you might need a copy of your Texas driving record. Your DPS driving record is an official recording of your driving history and with it, you can demonstrate to the court or a potential employer your ability to follow the rules and abide by traffic laws. If this information has been requested of you, this is the form you need.

Order Your DPS Driving Record - Online!

You order your music online. You watch movies online. You order birthday gifts online. Why not order your official Texas driving record online too? If you are at all interested in convenience, we can't think of any reason why you wouldn't want to take advantage of this option! So order your DPS driving record today, without ever setting foot in the DPS office!

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