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With over 1 million driver's tests passed nationwide, it is easy to see why this program far exceeds the competition. If you are looking to obtain your Illinois learner's permit, driver's license, or even a commercial driver's license, than this is the program for you! Our Illinois DMV practice tests come complete with sample test questions and answers similar to those found on the actual exam. This methodology (developed by the military) will ultimately guide you to driving around very soon!

The National Safety Commission has been leading the competition for over the past ten years. That is to be expected, since their driver's license passage rate is ninety-one percent, which is a great deal higher than the competitors' 50 percent rate. This course will also vastly cut your study time - from atypical 30 to 40 hours - to simply a few. This is done so through the use of practice tests and online information as opposed to manuals or wordy documents. Another beneficial aspect of the program is the money-back guarantee. If you fail on your initial test, and have followed the course thoroughly, we will refund your total cost for the course.

This course provides you with the confidence necessary to pass the Illinois driver's license exam. With the proven success rate, the powerful Illinois permit practice tests provide you with a substantive background prior to taking the actual test. This is because you are allowed to take these tests an unlimited amount of time. If you incorrectly answer a question, the correct answer and an explanation will follow that question.

Additional Site Features/Benefits

When you log on to the site, you are prompted by 20 road rules and road signs questions. These questions are similar to those found on the actual exam, which allows you to memorize the question in answers in a quick and educational environment.

With the following benefits and features of the program, you will be on your way to passing your test:

Let's Get You Driving Today!

This program can help anyone looking to get a varying array of licenses. Ultimately, you will be spending less time studying, and more time retaining pertinent information. With the use of our programs online tools and indexes, surely you will pass your test - we can guarantee that!

"Take our program today; start driving tomorrow."

Illinois DMV Practice Tests


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