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California Driver's Permit Course

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If you are considering fulfilling your California driver's permit requirements online, you likely have questions. At National Safety Commission, we'd be happy to answer those questions, so that you are confident and satisfied when you sign up for your course. Working with our affiliate, the American Safety Council, we are able to offer our driver's education course for the State of California entirely online. With this resource, you will be able to obtain your California driver's license in no time - it has been designed with your needs in mind! Please find helpful and informative details on this course below.

Course Details - Obtaining Your California Driver's Permit

Completing our online California driver's permit course is simple. In fact, you can obtain your learner's permit in three simple steps:

  1. Pass our online driver's ed class;
  2. Take your Certificate of Completion to your local California DMV office; and
  3. Receive your permit!

It really is that simple! That is because our online California driver's ed course is approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Among the benefits offered by this program are:

Put simply, this course provides everything that you could want or need, at a price half that of a standard fill-up. So what are you waiting for? What more do you need to hear? Enroll today and ditch the in-person classes!

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If you are in the process of obtaining your California driver's permit or driver's license, you have options: you can complete your driver's education requirements in a classroom setting or from the comfort of your own home. Though the choice is yours, we think that the decision is an easy one. Register today and you'll be able to complete this crucial step in the licensing process on your own time, at your own pace, at your own convenience!

Online Drivers Education

  • Quick and Easy!
  • Completed entirely online!


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