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Drive Safely Work Week - October 3 - 7, 2011


In these difficult economic times, employers who are looking for ways to cut costs may be overlooking a large savings that can be achieved rather easily and at a very low cost.

That cost cutting method can be achieved through the institution of corporate driving safety policies and by educating not only employees but their families as well on the importance of driving safety.

No matter how dangerous the occupation, the most dangerous part of the day for any employee is the time spent behind the wheel, whether commuting to and from work or while driving as a part of their work duties. Traffic collisions after work hours by the employee or their family members also cost the employer in lost productivity and benefit costs.

The Network of Employees for Traffic Safety (NETS) has designated the week of October 3-7, 2011 as Drive Safely Work Week to educate employers and employees on the importance of driving safety. The NETS website contains a wealth of information for employers on the costs of traffic collisions and methods the employer can use to reduce traffic collisions by their employees and benefit-eligible dependents.

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