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Women Aren't Getting The Word On Driving Under The Influence


Two different studies were published recently that show a disturbing trend for women in the US. The two studies, the FBI annual Crime in the United States Report and AAA's Consumer Pulse report on Alcohol Awareness by Gender show that women are getting arrested for DUI at a much higher rate compared with men and teens. The AAA report shows gender attitudes towards alcohol use while the FBI report shows raw figures on the arrest rates for DUI in the US.

The FBI crime statistics for 2010 show that arrests for DUI are the second most common type of arrest in the US after arrests for drug possession. While more men were arrested for DUI than women, a comparison of arrests show that, comparing the year 2010 to 2001, DUI arrests among men have gone down by 10.7 percent while arrests of women have increased by 36 percent.

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