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Southern State Patrols Enforce Move Over Law


During the month of February, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) joined forces with the Alabama and Georgia Highway Patrols in an awareness and enforcement campaign for the Move Over Law. The campaign was conducted over a 29 day period and a lot of drivers found out about the Move Over Law the hard way.

Many Americans are unaware that the Move Over Law even exists. Forty nine states have some form of the law and, in Florida's case, the law will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. The law was created to protect law enforcement and emergency personnel who are assisting other motorists by the side of the road. The law requires motorists, when they see an emergency vehicle, with its emergency lights flashing, to move over into the lane farthest from the emergency vehicle or, if they can't move over, to slow down to 20 mph under the posted speed limit until they are safely past the emergency vehicle. Emergency vehicles include police, fire/rescue and tow trucks.

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