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2012 Safety Guide for Prom-Goers and Parents


The Prom!

Imagine prom night. Everyone is dressed to the max; there is great music in the air and the feeling of putting on that corsage on your date's arm. It has all the makings for a great and memorable evening. Something everyone is bound to remember for years and years to come. Everybody is ready to celebrate! While everyone is making plans for the night, parents and prom-goers should make up back-up plans too.

Parents: Be Proactive

Prom season is fast-approaching and many parents are busy helping their teens gear up for one of the most exciting time in their teen's life. Often overlooked is the need for these preparations to include frank, specific, and honest discussions with teens about how to avoid alcohol or drugs and stay safe on prom night.

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Training Courses

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. These training courses will make you a better driver.

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