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Department of Transportation Announces Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving


Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently announced a new initiative designed to crack down on distracted driving and to encourage states to enact stronger laws against distracted driving.

Citing figures that 3,092 people were killed in distraction-affected crashes in 2010, Secretary LaHood called for several measures to help end distracted driving. The plan:

Encourages the remaining 11 states without distracted driving laws to enact and enforce this critical legislation.

Challenges the auto industry to adopt new and future guidelines for technology to reduce the potential for distraction on devices built or brought into vehicles.

Partners with driver education professionals to incorporate new curriculum materials to educate novice drivers of driver distraction and its consequences. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show drivers under the age of 25 are two to three times more likely than older drivers to send text messages or emails while driving.

Provides all stakeholders with actions they can take that go beyond personal responsibility to helping end distracted driving nationwide.

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