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Don't Fall into Bad Driving Habits: 3 Tips to Stay Safe this Autumn


For some of you, fall is quickly approaching. And while it may not be time to worry about icy streets and snow drifts just yet (the lucky ones never have to deal with this predicament), it's still important to be cautious of this change in season. Road conditions will soon become slippery and wet, and leaves will litter the pavement, exacerbating the lack of grip. You may even experience some foggy mornings. Don't fear though: buckle up, blast the heat, and follow these autumn safety tips!

#1 Give Yourself Time

If you've got a morning commute, you may need more time than usual to make it to your destination on time. As the season changes, you will find various factors could potentially delay your trip.

For instance, when driving, you may find fog or heavy rain to be somewhat of an obstacle. You also need to be aware of deer and back-to-school traffic. When you give yourself extra time in the morning, you'll be able to be more alert and cautious.

#2 Maintenance

Is your vehicle currently in good condition? It's important to be a safe driver, but in order to be completely secure, your car has to be up to par.

First, check your tire pressure. It can be hazardous to travel on tires that aren't properly inflated. Next, you'll want to make sure your windshield wipers are in good working condition. You'll be experiencing rainy, foggy, and maybe even frosty conditions; therefore, you'll be using your wipers more than you have been in previous months. Also, check your windshield wiper fluid level - this little tool will definitely come to your aid.

This fall, vehicle maintenance is a factor that shouldn't be ignored. When your car is prepared for the change in season, you will be too!

#3 Drive for the Conditions

As the season changes, so will the quality of the roads. You may find yourself driving in rain, fog, sleet, or dark roadways. It's important to drive for the current condition. You'll want to travel slowly, under the speed limit. Be extra aware of your surroundings, as the weather could affect your normal driving course.

If it's dark in the morning, make sure to drive with your lights on. Be cautious of the other drivers around you. Always leave plenty of room between yourself and the car in front of you, as you never know when someone might slam on their brakes.

No matter what season, month, or condition is currently in place, driving safely should always be a top priority. Be fully aware this fall; don't speed and always pay attention to the road in front of you.

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