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5 Common Reasons behind Car Accidents


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicular accidents take place every minute of every day. In total, about 5.25 million car accidents occur every year. A range of factors can lead to a wreck, such as drinking and driving or texting while driving. See below for a list (in no particular order) of five common reasons behind car accidents.

Cell Phones

Today, almost everyone has a cell phone. Whether you use the device to talk, text, or search the Web, this tool has become a common danger for road safety.

When your focus shifts from your surroundings to the screen of your phone, you are potentially putting yourself in danger, as well as other drivers. Even if you only take your eyes off the road for a few seconds, you stand the chance of causing an accident. Do yourself a favor: leave your cell phone alone. No call or text, incoming or outgoing, is that important.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs impair your judgment, affecting the way you think and drive. If you're under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, you can't properly operate your vehicle; you are putting yourself and others in a great deal of harm if you're on the road.

Don't drive if you're going to drink and/or use drugs. Find a friend, family member, designated driver, or taxi to take you home. There is no reason to risk your life and the lives of others by driving under the influence.

Various Distractions

When you're driving, the road should be your main focus. It's important to pay attention to your surroundings and to not multi-task. You don't want to distract yourself from the main goal: arriving safely at your destination.

Avoid various distractions while driving, such as: eating, putting on makeup, reading, and messing with the radio.

Poor Weather Conditions/Bad Roads

Depending on the weather, road conditions may be hazardous. Rain, fog, sleet, and snow can all cause delays in your daily commute. Your typical driving route may be congested with traffic or possibly even be closed if weather is inclement.

When the weather is bad, give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. Don't speed when the roads are in poor condition; you could cause an accident and harm either yourself or another driver.


Do you ever feel sleep deprived? Thousands of accidents happen yearly due to drivers falling asleep at the wheel. If you're feeling tired, don't drive.

When you can't seem to keep your eyes open, it's time to pull over. Whether you have to stretch, walk around, or take a short nap, don't get back behind the wheel until you are fully alert.

It is important to remember that traffic accidents are preventable. When you're on the road, you've got to consider your own actions, as well as the actions of other drivers. If you're fully attentive and aware of your surroundings, you stand a lower chance of causing or being involved in a car accident.

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