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How Messy Are You? Different Ways to Keep the Inside of Your Vehicle Looking Brand New


Are you a clean, organized individual? Perhaps you're just always in a rush. Or maybe you've got family, friends, or pets who don't know how to keep grime and clutter out of your vehicle. Either way, when it comes to keeping the inside of your car clean, you may need some assistance. Will keeping your vehicle spotless help you become safe driver? Probably not, but it may assist you in appreciating your car more, causing you to be more cautious when sitting behind the wheel. Follow these simple tips to keep the inside of your car looking brand new.

Don't Eat and Drive

Easier said than done, right? Sure, going through a drive-thru is convenient, but do hamburger crumbs, French fries, and food wrappers really go with your vehicle's decor? Eating in your car will most likely lead to spills, stains, and a cumulative pile of trash in your backseat. If you have to dine and drive, then consider keeping plenty of napkins, a bottle of water, and an empty bag in your car at all times. The napkins and water will allow you to immediately mop up any messes, while the empty bag will give you a place to store garbage.

Don't Let Dirt Build Up

If you allow a mess to grow, then it will only be harder to clean in the future. Mud, sand, dust, filth-take care of the problem as soon as you notice it. One way of doing this is to get in the habit of sweeping out your vehicle once a week. This may seem time consuming, but it will keep your car looking and feeling brand new. Make sure to remove all of the floor mats, reach completely under seats to avoid missing anything, and even take a quick stab at the trunk. Once you get into a routine, you will discover the process becomes quicker and easier to handle.

Don't Be Oblivious to Smells

You may be used to various stenches in your vehicle, but your passengers won't be. Remember: old food, dirty clothes, and various other items left behind will accumulate a recognizable and unpleasant odor. Consider keeping a bottle of Febreeze or another type of easy to use spray in your trunk or glove box-something you can quickly and conveniently spray onto your seats and throughout your car for a fresher smelling interior. Of course, air fresheners will also work wonders.

You'll be surprised at how far a little bit of organization can actually go. Create a new rule for yourself and all of your passengers: nothing left behind. This simply means that if an item is carried into the car, then it must be taken out. You'll feel better about your car and possibly be more inclined to protect it if it's clean and shining on the inside, as if it's brand new.

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