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The Road Can Be a Hazardous Place: Common Types of Traffic Accidents


There are a number of factors that can cause a traffic accident to occur. After all, the term "accident" showcases the fact that these events happen unexpectedly and are never planned. However, there are actions implemented by drivers that incidentally put a wreck into motion, such as: speeding, texting while driving, drinking and driving, reckless driving, and more. These behaviors can then cause various types of traffic accidents to occur. Please see below for a list of common types of traffic accidents.

Rear-End Collisions

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), six million car accidents take place in the United States each year. Out of these six million wrecks, 40 percent are rear-end collisions. In fact, it's noted that a rear-end collision happens every eight seconds. Though both parties in a rear-end collision can sustain injuries, the passengers in the front car are usually the ones that are hurt the most, as they don't have time to prepare for the impact of the crash. Various injuries are common with rear-end collisions, including: face, head, and of course, spinal cord and neck (also known as "whiplash").

Single-Vehicle Crash

The John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center reports that more than 8,000 people die in single-vehicle rollover crashes in the United States each year. There are countless elements that can cause a single-vehicle crash to occur, including: driving during a winter storm, drinking and driving, driving while tired, speeding, and of course, being distracted by your cell phone or the radio. It's interestingly noted that age seems to have an influence on single-vehicle crashes. For instance, younger drivers (those 15 to 24) and older drivers (those 65 and onward) have the highest percentage rate of wrecking, when compared to other age groups.

Sideswipe Accidents

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, more than 242,000 sideswipe accidents take place in the United States each year. A sideswipe collision takes place when two vehicles traveling in a parallel manner meet. There is a variety of ways a sideswipe accident can take place, for instance: when a driver tries to change lanes, when a driver accidentally drifts out of his or her lane, and over-steering or under-steering. It's reported that 27,000 injuries and more than 2,500 fatalities occur each year due to sideswipes.

Vehicle Rollovers

This type of accident could possibly be the most dangerous and have the cruelest consequences. Though SUV's are usually subject to this type of wreck, any type of vehicle could potentially flip over onto its side or roof. One of the leading causes for a rollover to occur is when a sharp turn is taken at a high speed. This type of wreck also commonly occurs when a single vehicle swerves into a pothole or curb. Of course, wearing a seatbelt could potentially save your life during this type of accident, as a safety belt could keep you from being tossed around the car or removed from the vehicle.

Be Cautious and Alert at All Times

There are a number of other types of accidents that can and do often occur, including: head-on collisions, side-impact crashes, vehicle pile-ups, and more. Each type of wreck can be hazardous in its own way. When driving, it's important to always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Not only do you need to be conscious of your actions, but the actions of other drivers, as well. For more resources regarding road safety, click here.

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