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Top Vehicles Selected by Thieves


The National Insurance Crime Bureau has recently released a study detailing the top vehicles selected by car thieves in 2012. When considering different types of automobiles thieves would most likely migrate towards, expensive and flashy types of cars undoubtedly come to mind (i.e. a Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, Range Rover, etc.); however, it may come as a surprise to discover that thieves actually tend to choose older, less expensive models and brands of cars. The main reason behind this fact is rather obvious: these vehicles tend to have outdated anti-theft technology. Take a look at the top ten automobiles that made the list.

1. Honda Accord

Number Stolen: 58,596 Year(s) Most Frequently Stolen: 1990 - 1997

2. Honda Civic

Number Stolen: 47, 037 Year(s) Most Frequently Stolen: 1990 - 2000

3. Ford Full-Size Pickup

Number Stolen: 26, 770 Year(s) Most Frequently Stolen: 1997, 1999 - 2008

4. Chevrolet Full-Size Pickup

Number Stolen: 23, 745 Year(s) Most Frequently Stolen: 1992 - 1997, 1999 - 2001, 2003 - 2004,


5. Toyota Camry

Number Stolen: 16, 251 Year(s) Most Frequently Stolen: 1989 - 1991

6. Dodge Caravan

Number Stolen: 11,799 Year(s) Most Frequently Stolen: 1997 - 2003

7. Dodge Full-Size Pickup

Number Stolen: 11,755 Year(s) Most Frequently Stolen: 2001 - 2005

8. Acura Integra

Number Stolen: 9,555 Year(s) Most Frequently Stolen: 1994 - 1996

9. Nissan Altima

Number Stolen: 9,169 Year(s) Most Frequently Stolen: 1997

10. Nissan Maxima

Number Stolen: 6,947 Year(s) Most Frequently Stolen: 1996

Previous Years

Interestingly enough, Honda Accords, Honda Civics, and the Toyota Camry seem to have always been quite popular amongst car thieves. Since 2007 (until this most recent study was conducted), these three vehicles have been the most commonly stolen cars. Again, it's usually the older models chosen by thieves, in hopes of avoiding car alarms and other types of anti-theft devices.

However, there are often times when only certain items from a vehicle are stolen. These objects tend to be transmissions, airbags, engines, radios, and any valuables left in your car (i.e. iPods, tools, purses, etc.).

Methods of Protection

It doesn't matter what model of vehicle you may currently drive, you can never be completely sure what may or may not attract a car thief. Consider these following tips to hopefully prevent a carjacking from taking place:

  • Always Lock Your Car
  • Never Leave Your Keys in the Ignition
  • Park in Well-Lit Areas
  • Shut Your Windows and Close Your Sunroof
  • Don't Leave Valuables in Your Vehicle

Your Vehicle Could Be Chosen

You may not see the current vehicle you use on the list above, but that doesn't necessarily mean your automobile doesn't offer something appealing to car thieves. A theft could always take place, so make sure you explore preventative measures, as well as have appropriate insurance coverage.

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