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5 Safety Tips for Upcoming Holiday Weekends


It's nearing that time again - time to celebrate another holiday weekend! And though you may have exciting reunions and time off of work on the brain, it's important to stay safe when en route to family functions and social gatherings. Whether you're driving by yourself or with friends, make sure to travel cautiously this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, and each holiday weekend that follows.

#1 Don't Drink and Drive

This is the most obvious and important tip on this list. Alcohol impairs your judgment; therefore, if you've been drinking, you can't properly drive your vehicle. Whether you're traveling a mile down the road, to the next town, or to another city, don't drink and drive.

Alcohol-related accidents happen frequently and have severe consequences; the risks just aren't worth it. Find a designated driver or call a cab. When you drink and drive, you don't only put yourself in danger, but other civilians, too.

#2 No Cell Phones

How important is that call or text message? You should never call and drive or text and drive, especially on a holiday weekend. Traffic will be thicker, meaning there is a greater chance of a wreck occurring. It's important to keep both hands on the wheel, with your full attention on the road and your surroundings.

To keep your mind from worrying about your cell phone, put the device in your glove box, middle compartment, or even the trunk. If you keep your phone out-of-reach, you won't be tempted to mess with it. The phone call can wait!

#3 Don't Speed

You're not going to miss the party; there's no need for speeding. Much like drinking and driving or using your cell phone while you drive, driving too fast for the conditions is reckless and can cause an accident. There will be more traffic on the road than usual on the weekend following Thanksgiving Day; give yourself plenty of extra time to get to your destination.

Also, make sure to obey all other road rules (i.e. stopping at red lights, using your turn signals, and staying a safe distance behind the car in front of you). Of course, it's important to obey these rules every time you get behind the wheel. However, you need to be even more cautious on holiday weekends. Be sure to drive safely.

#4 Wear Your Seatbelt

When traveling, make sure you and your passengers are all wearing seatbelts. If an accident were to occur, a seatbelt could save someone's life. Each passenger needs to have his or her own seatbelt (i.e. don't have an overload of people in the car). When you add passengers to the vehicle, you are potentially creating more distractions for yourself. When driving, you need to stay focused! Seatbelts save lives - buckle up.

#5 Have Fun

This holiday weekend, don't forget to have fun! You can still have a good time, but remember to stay safe.

When traveling this upcoming weekend and every other holiday weekend that follows, you don't only have to be aware of your actions, but the actions of others, as well. No one wants to spend the holiday in the hospital. Enjoy your time off and make the most of your winter holiday celebrations.

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