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The Best Vehicle Accessories for Winter


Depending on your location, winter is quickly approaching. Soon enough, the fall leaves and fog will be replaced with snow, sleet, ice, and other hazardous situations that can make roadways unsafe for traveling. If you have no choice but to venture out for work, school, or other unavoidable commitments, you may wish to accessorize your vehicle with appropriate additions for inclement and unpredictable weather conditions. Below, you will find a list of products that could possibly assist you when driving this season.

Winter Tires

When it comes to winter driving, one of the most important products for safety is tires. If you travel frequently, specifically through snow and ice, you may choose to install purpose-designed winter tires. To potentially avoid accidents, you'll want to make sure your tires aren't worn down, particularly from your summer and fall travels. If you don't happen to live in an area that receives snow or ice, then it's recommended you try all-season tires.

Antilock Brakes

Antilock brakes are actually useful for all seasons and have proven to save lives. Instead of causing your vehicle to lock up or skid on icy or snowy roads, this technology will allow you to pump and brake. Though many drivers may not need this type of breaking system, there are times when it comes into use, specifically when drivers really do need to stop.

Traction Control

Designed to prevent wheels from spinning, this function allows each of the four tires to have the ability to grip the pavement. Basically, traction control will monitor or detect when your wheels start to slip. As soon as this action is sensed, engine power is reduced and the antilock brake system is applied to keep energy from going to the wheel that has traction. Traction control is also noted for assisting rear-wheel vehicles to be more useful in the snow.

All-Wheel Drive

Unlike front or rear-wheel drive vehicles, the all-wheel drive feature evenly distributes power to each tire, which in turn improves an automobile's traction and stability. This feature has been known to assist those when traveling up or down hills and over roads that are constantly covered with snow or ice. However, it's noted that all-wheel drive doesn't offer much assistance when it comes to braking. Therefore, drivers are cautioned to be mindful when slowing down in bad weather conditions.

Heated Seats

This feature may not be a necessity or offer any assistance when it comes to avoiding an accident, but heated seats will help your body survive the brutality offered in the winter months. This accessory is all about comfort and will allow you to become more relaxed during your cold drive to work or school. At one time, heated seats were only reserved for luxury cars. However, more and more vehicles are including this option in various makes and models, including the ability for even backseat passengers to warm their seat cushions.

Always Be Cautious

Even with the latest and greatest technology installed in your vehicle, winter is still a dangerous time to be on the road. Weather and driving conditions are often unpredictable, meaning it's important to always be cautious and prepared for the journey ahead. When traveling, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. And when all else fails, keeping an old-fashioned ice scraper handy may prove to be useful.

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