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If you would like to lower your insurance premiums, you have options. Though it's always possible to shop around for lower rates from other providers, we have a simpler, more effective solution: our New York insurance reduction course. Offered by our affiliate, the American Safety Council, this program guarantees a 10 percent reduction on your insurance premiums for three years. It really is that simple - complete this course and you will save hundreds of dollars over the course of the next few years. Suffice to say, the course pays for itself!

New York Insurance Discount Course - The Basics

Insurance premiums in New York State are among the highest in the country, particularly if you live in New York City. When it comes to being able to afford insurance for your car, truck or motorcycle, every little bit helps. Our New York insurance reduction course makes you eligible for a mandatory 10 percent reduction in your insurance fees. You don't have to change your insurance provider. You don't have to get a quote from your current insurance provider. Simply enroll for the course and enjoy these many benefits:

This course has been developed with your needs in mind. Enroll today to get started. What are you waiting for? With one simple course, you can enjoy cheaper insurance for three whole years!

Get the Good Driver Discount You Deserve!

How? Simply complete our New York defensive driving class. That's all you need to do! The registration process is quick and easy; once you have enrolled for our New York insurance reduction course, you can get started right away.

Online NY Insurance Reduction Class

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