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Online Point Reduction Program in New York

Online Traffic School

Have you received a traffic ticket or moving violation and had points added to your driving record? If so, we strongly encourage you to take action. Accruing points can cause your insurance premiums to go up and put you at higher risk of having your driving privileges suspended or revoked. Don't let points accumulate on your record - take our New York point reduction course.

Our course has been developed by our affiliate, the American Safety Council, and is incredibly convenient. You can complete the course on your own time, at your own pace, and the entire point reduction program is completed online - there are no classrooms or downloads. The registration process takes just a couple of minutes, so why wait? Enroll now!

New York Point Reduction Course - The Basics

To qualify for point reduction, you must have had points added to your record within the last 18 months. Any points that fall outside of this window (including future points) will not be removed from your driving record. Completing our New York point reduction course will remove up to four points from your driving record and make you eligible for a mandatory discount on your insurance premiums for a period of three years. The course offers a number of benefits, including:

If you were recently issued a traffic ticket or speeding citation, enroll in our New York point reduction course today. This online NY State defensive driving course provides everything that you need to satisfy state requirements, right from home.

Don't Let Your Driving Record Suffer Due to One Mistake

Take action! This course is quick and easy, and you can complete it from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. Enroll today and you can get started immediately! Once you've completed the course, we'll alert the New York DMV that you have satisfied the requirements of the program!

Online NY Point Reduction Program

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