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Online Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

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Before you can receive your Florida permit, you are required to take and complete the 4-hour Florida Drug and Alcohol Course. Also known as the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) program, this course is designed to educate young drivers on the dangers of driving while under the influence, as well as on the fundamentals of Florida traffic law. It is an incredibly informative and educational program that will help you become a safer, more courteous, more aware driver.

If you are in the process of obtaining your Florida permit, let us help! At the National Safety Commission, with the help of our affiliates, we are able to offer a number of online resources that can not only help you prepare for your permit exam or license test, but actually satisfy state driver's ed requirements. Our 4-hour Florida drug and alcohol course is one such resource and allows you to do just that - enroll today and get started!

Complete the 4-hour TLSAE Course Online!

Our 4-hour Florida drug and alcohol course is offered entirely online for your convenience. This course is required for all new drivers, but with our course, you can satisfy this state requirement from the comfort of home or your favorite coffee shop - rather than the local community college on a Sunday morning! What's not to like about that? The benefits of our online TLSAE course are clear:

Perhaps best of all, as with all of our products, we offer a money-back guarantee! If for any reason your TLSAE course is not accepted by the State of Florida, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

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Don't sweat it if you're in the process of earning your Florida permit - we make it easy for you. Our online 4-hour Florida drug and alcohol course is state-approved, affordable, and convenient. Put simply, it's been designed with your needs in mind. You won't find a better option for satisfying the state's driver's ed requirements, so enroll today! All you have to do is complete the online registration process and you'll be up and running!

Florida Online TLSAE Course

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