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At National Safety Commission, we are dedicated to driver safety and driver improvement. One of the simplest and most fundamental ways of helping individuals become safer drivers is through education. This collection of online resources, news articles, and blog posts can help you familiarize yourself with pressing matters and the topics of the day.

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Ingredients in hallucinogenic bath salts will be banned, Gov. Bobby Jindal declares


Gov. Bobby Jindal announced today an emergency rule that makes it illegal to sell, use, buy or manufacture the chemicals used in fake bath salts. A pack of the product costs no more than $20, and some people inject or snort it to experience a euphoria similar to the one associated with the amphetamine known on the streets as "speed." However, the psychotic side effects it produces are unusually severe, St. Tammany Parish authorities said at a recent news conference to alert the community about the substance.

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New flashing yellow left-turn signals meant to increase safety and traffic flow confuse some Saginaw County motorists


The Federal Highway Administration says the new flashing-yellow-arrow signals popping up in left-turn lanes throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region since 2008 are safer than their predecessors.

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Toyota recalls 1.53 million Lexus, Avalon, Highlander models


Just when it seemed Toyota was putting its quality problems behind it, the world's largest automaker has announced another massive recall action: 1.53 million Lexus, Avalon, Highlander and other models for brake fluid and fuel pump problems.

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New Federal Auto Safety Rating System Takes Effect


On Tuesday morning, the federal government revealed details of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's new 5-Star Safety Rating System and released new ratings for some of the most popular 2011 model-year vehicles.

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Government study: 1 in 12 drivers admit driving drunk


One in 12 drivers admitted driving drunk at least once over the course of a year, a government survey released Wednesday found. Twenty percent of the 6,999 people surveyed said they had driven in the past year within two hours of drinking an alcoholic beverage.

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National Stop on Red Week


This week, authorities will be on the lookout for red-light runners for National Stop on Red Week.

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'No Phone Zone' rallies join texting fight


Drivers in at least 30 states plan to participate Friday in Oprah Winfrey's "No Phone Zone" campaign, when viewers pledge to refrain from using their cellphones while driving.

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Consumer Reports calls Lexus GX 460 unsafe


NEW YORK - Consumer Reports has given the Lexus GX 460 SUV a rare "Don't Buy" warning, saying a problem that occurred during routine handling tests could lead to a rollover accident in real-world driving.

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