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At National Safety Commission, we are dedicated to driver safety and driver improvement. One of the simplest and most fundamental ways of helping individuals become safer drivers is through education. This collection of online resources, news articles, and blog posts can help you familiarize yourself with pressing matters and the topics of the day.

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New Vehicle Technology Reduce Crash Claims - Sometimes


A new study released today by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows that some of the new crash avoidance technology in upper end cars provide protection from collisions while one system, inexplicably, seems to have hurt rather than helped to avoid crashes.

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Department of Transportation Announces Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving


Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently announced a new initiative designed to crack down on distracted driving and to encourage states to enact stronger laws against distracted driving. Citing figures that 3,092 people were killed in distraction-affected crashes in 2010, Secretary LaHood called for several measures to help end distracted driving. The plan:

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Killer Apps and Social Media


A recent survey of young drivers in Great Britain came up with some frightening findings for young drivers. Ingenie, a company that provides insurance to young drivers surveyed one thousand drivers between the ages of 17 to 25 about their driving habits. While the survey looked at young British drivers, the results are probably very close to what would be experienced by American drivers in the same age group.

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2012 Safety Guide for Prom-Goers and Parents


Imagine prom night. Everyone is dressed to the max; there is great music in the air and the feeling of putting on that corsage on your date's arm. It has all the makings for a great and memorable evening. Something everyone is bound to remember for years and years to come. Everybody is ready to celebrate! While everyone is making plans for the night, parents and prom-goers should make up back-up plans too.

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Southern State Patrols Enforce Move Over Law


During the month of February, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) joined forces with the Alabama and Georgia Highway Patrols in an awareness and enforcement campaign for the Move Over Law. The campaign was conducted over a 29 day period and a lot of drivers found out about the Move Over Law the hard way.

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Women Aren't Getting The Word On Driving Under The Influence


Two different studies were published recently that show a disturbing trend for women in the US. The two studies, the FBI annual Crime in the United States Report and AAA's Consumer Pulse report on Alcohol Awareness by Gender show that women are getting arrested for DUI at a much higher rate compared with men and teens. The AAA report shows gender attitudes towards alcohol use while the FBI report shows raw figures on the arrest rates for DUI in the US.

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Emergency Apps for Drivers


Electronics marketing experts reported that sales of tablets and smart phones dominated sales of electronics during the recent Christmas season. A lot of people found an iPad, Android tablet, or smart phone under their tree. The primary appeal of these devices is all of the apps that are available. Along with all the game, news and self help apps, there are a few apps that can be very useful when a driver faces a roadside emergency.

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Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over; Impaired Driving Crack Down Dec. 16, 2011 - Jan.2, 2012.


As part of the National Drunk & Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention month, a lot of state highway patrol and local law enforcement agencies will be joining together this holiday season in the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign to remove drunk and drugged drivers from America's roads. Drunk and drugged driving is especially prevalent during the holidays; leading to a tragic holiday season for many American families. During the month of December, 2009, 753 people were killed in crashes that involved drivers or motorcycle riders with blood alcohol concentrations of .08 grams per deciliter or higher.

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