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At National Safety Commission, we are dedicated to driver safety and driver improvement. One of the simplest and most fundamental ways of helping individuals become safer drivers is through education. This collection of online resources, news articles, and blog posts can help you familiarize yourself with pressing matters and the topics of the day.

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5 Safety Tips for Upcoming Holiday Weekends


It's nearing that time again - time to celebrate another holiday weekend! And though you may have exciting reunions and time off of work on the brain, it's important to stay safe when en route to family functions and social gatherings. Whether you're driving by yourself or with friends, make sure to travel cautiously this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, and each holiday weekend that follows.

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Common Injuries Associated with Automobile Accidents


Automobile accidents are quite common and can happen rather sporadically. There are several reasons as to why a car crash can take place. Various factors of each collision will also determine the type and severity of an injury that could possibly occur. For example, how fast you're traveling and the number of vehicles involved can influence the seriousness of a wreck. However, there are frequent types of injuries that regularly transpire, such as:

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Top Vehicles Selected by Thieves


The National Insurance Crime Bureau has recently released a study detailing the top vehicles selected by car thieves in 2012. When considering different types of automobiles thieves would most likely migrate towards, expensive and flashy types of cars undoubtedly come to mind (i.e. a Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, Range Rover, etc.); however, it may come as a surprise to discover that thieves actually tend to choose older, less expensive models and brands of cars. The main reason behind this fact is rather obvious: these vehicles tend to have outdated anti-theft technology. Take a look at the top ten automobiles that made the list.

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Methods to Help You Avoid a Car Accident


Whether you've been driving for years or have just recently obtained a license, there are plenty of factors that can cause an accident to occur. Though there are definitely specific obstacles you can't control, there are also a range of actions you can avoid doing to hopefully prevent a wreck from taking place. You will find methods below that will not only help to ensure your safety every time you're on the road, but the safety of others, too.

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Tips to Help You Stay Awake at the Wheel


Are you currently preparing to take a long distance trip? Sure, when you decide to plan a cross country journey with friends, family, or even solo, you stand the potential of having a great time -prior to and after reaching your destination. However, when you put yourself in a situation where you will be driving a long distance, up to hours at a time, you face the risk of falling asleep at the wheel. Follow these useful tips to help ensure you keep both eyes wide open during the travel time of your voyage:

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Famous Films featuring Famous Cars


There are plenty of films in which the storyline and lead actors are overshadowed by a prop-a car. In fact, there are some movies that the vehicle itself is considered to be the actual star of the project. Take a look at the following list of automobiles that have made an impact on the Hollywood scene:

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4 Dangerous Highways in America


There are various factors that can cause a bad accident to take place, such as: drinking and driving, texting while driving, a range of distractions, bad weather conditions, and much more. However, there is another significant element that can influence whether or not a crash occurs - dangerous roadways. Throughout America, there are a variety of features that can determine if a road or highway is unsafe or not, including: steep cliffs, narrow lanes, few or no guardrails, and sharp curves or ditches. Below, is a list of four common highways in America that have been deemed to be "hazardous."

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The Road Can Be a Hazardous Place: Common Types of Traffic Accidents


There are a number of factors that can cause a traffic accident to occur. After all, the term "accident" showcases the fact that these events happen unexpectedly and are never planned. However, there are actions implemented by drivers that incidentally put a wreck into motion, such as: speeding, texting while driving, drinking and driving, reckless driving, and more. These behaviors can then cause various types of traffic accidents to occur. Please see below for a list of common types of traffic accidents.

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